Hero Dogs


We all know that working dogs are dedicated to the job, but sometimes they are also a part of some amazing stories. With that in mind we created a list that includes some of the best and most interesting stories of dogs that surpassed the expectations and saved lives. Here are some great stories that truly show the dedication of canine companions.

Deputy Rescued by Police Dog

A police K9 came to the rescue of deputy Todd Frazier which was driving on Highway 90 in Pearlington only to find a car that was stopped and with a person unconscious in it. Once the deputy stopped two men came from the shadows to ambush him yet thankfully Todd managed to release Lucas, a Belgian malinois and a wonderful canine unit that not only bit the attackers but also made them flee towards the car. This is a very interesting story because it clearly shows the dedication that police dogs have to their handler and how important he is to them. It’s amazing to see that Lucas actually saved the deputy from what would have been a life and death situation.

Shelter Dog Saves Owner from Apartment Fire

Draw Smith, a person from San Diego has adopted a dog named Carl from the local shelter so that the cute dog would have a home but little did he know that this was a much better investment than ever before. Smith tried to go to sleep but Carl tried to tell him that there was a problem there and he insisted multiple times to stop his owner from going to sleep. Smith poured himself a glass of water and then finally turned the lights only to see that the entire home was covered in smoke.

As you can see, this amazing shelter dog managed to save the life of his owner because if he didn’t react in time mister Smith would be dead and burned alive most probably. This is one of those situations when it really helped to have a dog nearby, because otherwise there would have been a life and death situation once again.

Brazilian Sniffing Dogs Apprehend Drugs, Explosives and Illegal Weapons

This story is about multiple dogs that are a part of the Brazilian Air Force. These amazing dogs are highly trained service members and they have helped day in and day out with simply sniffing potential suspects and luggage in airports or any other similar locations. It’s all about making sure that people are safe and unharmed, and the results offered by these dogs are amazing. They have managed to find many kilos of drugs, illegal weapons and explosives, not to mention that they actually brought in amazing results in other sectors.

There are only a few of the amazing stories that feature working dogs all over the world. if you work in such an industry it’s important to focus on getting a working dog as it can definitely help you and save your life in the long run!